Staging in a New York Minute!

inFormed Space® is a full service home staging innovation

We created a line of display furniture (non functional) that transports flat. No furniture movers are involved. Our designer handles everything – site visit, staging plan, delivery, set up, styling and removal.

inFormed Space staging also includes large art panels, sculpture and lighting to create a stylish and sophisticated look. A home can be beautifully staged in an afternoon.

“Staging can be a daunting task, as the goal is to demonstrate a space, not define it. This system, with its clean lines and palette, is revolutionary in its ability to inspire creativity without imposing a prefabricated lifestyle, thus appealing to the widest possible audience. That equals sales. This is as significant a development to the real estate business as mannequins were to the garment industry.”

—Tom Postilio, Manhattan broker and original star of HGTV’s Selling New York

The Wall Street Journal features inFormed Space®

Staging in a New York Minute!

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